Maxitrol Access Control

Electronic access control

Electronic access control is the simplest way to restrict and track access to sensitive areas within your business, protecting private information and providing a safer work environment for your employees. With an access control system, the expense and time needed to re-key building locks is completely eliminated in favor of a highly configurable proximity card system. These cards can be easily deactivated or updated in real time, without the need to touch any other part of the system.

Maxitrol can provide support from our local central station to assist in system configuration and updates. We support the simplest of access control systems up to complex, multi-system technologies from proximity to biometric specifications for the highest level of access security possible.

Benefits of a Maxitrol Access System

  • No more rekeying or changing locks
  • Lower likelihood of false alarms being triggered by employees
  • Reduced need for on-site security personnel
  • Visitors and vendors can be allowed temporary access
  • Decreased overall liability and risk